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Putting HiFX at the heart of Brexit and increasing website traffic by 900%

At a time when the pound crashed to almost record lows, and risked reaching parity with the euro around the EU Referendum on 23 June 2016, HiFX launched a multi-channel campaign, with the objective to ensure they ‘owned Brexit’. Activity aimed to engage with stakeholders including clients, media and commentators, and position HiFX at the heart of global currency issues in relation to the EU Referendum in the lead up to, and immediately following the vote.

The campaign was conducted through a series of outputs, based on polling HiFX customers and mining site data, to reach both corporate and private customers. Activity ranged from warning corporates to hedge their currency in the lead up to the vote, and be aware of the potential liquidity crunch; to advising consumers on when to take out their holiday money, as the pound fluctuated wildly.

As well as issuing nine press releases in the lead up to the vote, from Monday 20 June – Friday 24 June, HiFX reacted to extreme movements and economic events, issuing 13 reactive comments in the five days, to personal finance, business and economics correspondents. This included seven from 10.30pm – 6.00am as the results rolled in on 23/24 June.

As a direct result of campaign activity, on the day of the Referendum results, website traffic on HiFX was up by 907%, including an increase in traffic from media websites of 156%. In the week following Brexit, web traffic was up 257% which included a 243% month on month increase in traffic from media websites.

In total, activity over the five day period secured 282 pieces of coverage, including 63 national hits. Of the national press, over a third (38%) was front of paper, while regional coverage accounted for 188 hits in total. Coverage in the lead up to, and immediately following exceed 500 pieces (526 in total), 22% was national cut through.

As a result of the campaign activity, HiFX enjoys an enviable position amongst the industry and competitors, built through an engaging programme of strategic initiatives around the EU Referendum, which struck a chord with key audiences.