Assess how the respective operating companies worked together within AXA UK, and identify improvements in collaboration, communications infrastructure and governance.


We developed a set of strategic recommendations based on a comprehensive audit which incorporated a review of existing research, 8 focus groups across key sites (and across roles/departments within the business) as well as interviews with key stakeholders. We identified that there was significant lack of understanding about what AXA UK stood for and indeed how it was structured.

There were also a number of challenges around sharing information across the Operating Companies and there was little sense of belonging among employees for the overarching AXA UK brand.


A key element of creating a greater emotional connection was to develop a more compelling corporate narrative. We recommended involving employees from across the Operating Companies in the creation of this narrative.At the same time we worked with colleagues across the business to establish a community of communicators.

This network was tasked with breaking down siloes, improving the communications flow and ensuring that there was great sharing of ideas and best practice across AXA UK. 


The development of a stronger story for AXA UK has helped engender a greater understanding, and perhaps even pride in the business.
The establishment of the community of communicators has ensured that there is a better connection between the corporate centre and those on the ground in the Operating Companies.

By listening to employees AXA UK have been able to develop internal communications which is based on insight and which makes a more meaningful contribution to the business.