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To raise awareness of the new AllianzGI RiskMaster fund product range through social media channels by engaging UK asset managers, IFAs & relevant financial media on Twitter and beyond


Due to restrictions in promoting financial products via social media we advised using the broader theme of risk to provide an indirect link to the RiskMaster fund range.

In order to achieve the increased awareness of the AllianzGI RiskMaster range to journalists and IFAs we suggested an integrated social media marketing programme focused on the wider concept of risk in an entertaining and interactive way utilising the hashtag #SmartRisk


We launched two risk themed games to support the #SmartRisk social media marketing campaign with Twitter adverting to reach a wider yet more targeted audience.

 The first game had a focus on ranking different risk scenarios. This covered both financial and more everyday situations. The second was a model portfolio game.


In order to exhibit AllianzGI’s wide knowledge base and encourage greater interaction with UK IFAs and financial journalists, we completed key influencer identification and landscape mapping before employing a variety of outreach tactics to target audiences via a #SmartRisk campaign focused on a mixture of entertainment and gamification (leader boards, prizes, amusing tweets and so on).

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The social media activity was highly targeted and focused directly on industry key influencers, top financial journalists and IFAs.

We achieved a 39% increase in follower numbers for the AllianzGI UK Twitter profile and 1,309,321 Twitter impressions. Perhaps more importantly, the campaign sparked a lot of conversation resulting in 10,555 engagements.