The Diversity Project

An ongoing partnership to help amplify a range of initiatives supporting a more diverse and inclusive asset management industry.

Lansons has an ongoing partnership with the Diversity Project, where we work with the senior team to help amplify their initiatives and promote a more diverse and inclusive asset management industry.

A recent example of our joined-up effort includes raising awareness of the #IAM campaign.


The coronavirus pandemic shone a stark light on social inequalities, which has been amplified by ‘Black Lives Matter’. We worked with the Diversity Project and its ethnicity workstream #TalkAboutBlack to help activate their #IAM campaign, an initiative that was launched on the back of events in the US to raise awareness of racism. The campaign sought to mobilise black people and non-black allies to post a picture of themselves on social media answering the question “what are you?” using the hashtag #IAM and encouraging others to share. Other elements of the campaign included an open and thought-provoking virtual panel discussion, led by senior professionals from #TalkAboutBlack, attended by almost 2,000 people from around the world.

We worked closely with the Diversity Project and #TalkAboutBlack to amplify the movement in the media. The campaign attracted a wave of support from across the investment and savings industry, generated significant media attention, saw over 80,000 views across LinkedIn and Twitter – and it’s a conversation we’re looking to keep alive in the media today, and in the months to come.


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