Isle of Man Government, Sustainability

Developing and promoting the Island’s sustainability and green credentials

For the last 15 years, Lansons has worked with the Isle of Man Government – chiefly for the Cabinet Office and the Department for Economic Development – to manage the Island’s reputation and build it’s profile amongst a wide range of global audiences. Our brief spans strategy and issues management, public affairs and public relations, media and presentation training for spokespeople, events support, and brand development and global multichannel content marketing campaigns.

A central cross-Government focus point for the Isle of Man and Lansons’ programme, has been developing and promoting the Island’s sustainability and green credentials. Centred on initiatives such as it’s UNESCO Biosphere status, tree planting, clean oceans and marine conservation projects, and Beach Buddies beach cleans, we have developed a narrative for the Island, to position it as a progressive nation with leading thinkers and actors tackling the climate change emergency. And we have told this story across multiple channels; from organizing beach cleans at political party conferences, to media engagement with the likes of National Geographic to create high profile, global features showcasing the Isle of Man’s sustainability efforts and future plans.

This narrative has benefited the Isle of Man’s reputation overall, and informs how we frame the Island in our specific programmes to drive relocation, investment and political cooperation and engagement with the Island.

In 2019, the Isle of Man Government commissioned an independent report by Professor James Curran, advising a Programme for achieving its Climate Change Targets. In 2020, Lansons will be advising and supporting the Government in its roll out of the corresponding Action Plan for Achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2050. This will include strategies for applying neurocomms to inspire behavior change locally, and international engagement and promotion around key milestones of the Plan, including the passing of Bills on the Island, and presence at events such as 2020 UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 26) in Glasgow in November.

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