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Helping you understand Brexit for your business


Brexit is one of the biggest risks facing the UK business environment. The UK’s vote on 23rd June sent shockwaves around the world and triggered a political crisis. The unexpectedly swift installation of Theresa May as the new Prime Minister, with a new cabinet and two new ‘Brexit’ Departments stabilised the immediate political situation. However, businesses now face a huge amount of uncertainty around the reality of Brexit, the likely timetable, and what this means for the UK economy.

Leading up to the vote and since, businesses have been focusing on understanding the considerable risks ahead posed by Brexit as well as the real opportunities available for businesses that can shape the agenda at a time of immense change. To help facilitate thinking and future strategy, Lansons has pulled together a panel of senior strategic experts who can advise boards and senior decision makers, through a bespoke business planning workshop, on the current situation, the likely process from now on – and the risks or opportunities that this presents. This offers detailed analysis based on an expert understanding of the regulatory, political, economic, policy and diplomatic landscapes. The aim is to allow clients to test their business planning and engagement options to ensure they are best-placed to deliver their goals through the next few years and will focus on:

• Economic understanding
• Regulatory risks
• Opportunities

Meet the advisors

Lansons’ Brexit panel of senior experts will custom-build a bespoke half or full day business planning workshop to meet the requirements of your business.

Download your free Brexit Workshop leaflet 

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