Lansons Conversations

Who has the best view in PR?

Scott McKenzie, joint MD and head of change and employee engagement gives an insight into office life at Lansons in this article in PR Moments.

My morning stroll to work involves me walking past some of London’s most iconic landmarks: from the Millennium Eye to St Paul’s Cathedral. On a bright spring day the sun shines across London and you get a sense that you really do work somewhere truly special. This feeling is reinforced when I walk through our cobbled courtyard (an echo of London’s rich heritage). Lansons has been awarded by the Great Place to Work Institute for each of the last 12 years, and from the free breakfasts, to the onsite massage, or drinks trolleys to celebrate business as well as personal milestones it has a unique culture that is unlike anywhere I’ve ever worked.

What makes it truly special are my colleagues. It is a diverse organisation with 117 people from across the globe coming together representing different languages, different ethnicities, different world views. Like London, Lansons feels like a crossroads for the world – a place where people come together to exchange ideas. More than that though these global citizens care for each other. There is a tangible warmth and kindness.”