Suzanne Ellis

As a Director of Communications for Change & Transformation, I help organisations in times of change to influence behaviour among key audience groups of employees, customers or stakeholders.

Our campaigns typically support major transformations such as M&As, organisational restructures and cultural shifts or more evolutionary changes such as a new five-year strategy, new leadership or improved employee engagement.

Whatever the organisational challenge, big or small, Suzanne will apply the latest psychological and sociological insights and tools to make sure messages get heard and acted upon, by the right people. 

Recently, she launched a new Neurocomms service in partnership with Dr Helena Boschi, a psychologist who focuses on applied neuroscience in the workplace.

Neurocomms combines ‘neuroscience’ and ‘communications’ to add another dimension to the work we offer at Lansons; looking at the science behind our own biology to affect real change. This service is on the back of a new book I published called – Why We Do What We Do – co-authored with Dr Boschi and available on Amazon.

Suzanne’s consultancy experience spans over two decades, representing Global brands such as eBay, Starwood Hotel Group, Bentley, Faberge, Givaudan, RBS and Thomson Reuters.