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  1. Lansons Alumni

Lansons Alumni

Thank you to all those who have signed-up to join the Lansons Alumni group! We’ve had a fantastic response so far.

what a great initiative! Looking forward to hearing more amazing, can’t wait!

a very nice idea. Lovely initiative, thank you so much, I’m in!

brilliant video – and a nice touch in place of what would have been a great gathering I’m sure

However we’d love to have more of you! Please listen to what Tony and Clare have to say about this initiative (films below), and sign-up for the group at the link below.

The Alumni team.

Lansons Alumni Newsletter

We are delighted to share with you our first edition of Lansons Alumni Newsletter

Last year you were welcomed by Clare to become a member of Lansons Alumni Group as we wanted to formally bring our alumni together and strengthen the community. This marks the first issue of our Lansons Alumni Newsletter, a quarterly email that will feature stories, insights and perspectives from Lansons’ alumni from the last 30+ years, upcoming alumni events and more.

If you haven't already signed up you can check out the first edition here:

Lansons Alumni Newsletter | Issue No.1

You can sign up here or at the button below to receive future editions.

‘We’ve created something incredibly special between us’

A message from Tony on the creation of the alumni group, and a reminder for former Lansons employees to look to sign-up and join the newly created Lansons Alumni group. Tony in his film also talks about some of the initiatives that will feature for the group, and sets out his own thoughts on why this is an important development for Lansons.

A welcome also from Lansons Chair and co-founder, Clare Parsons below. Clare sets out in this film the reasons why the Lansons Alumni has been launched, and what the group will do.

What is the Lansons Alumni group?

The Lansons Alumni are people who have worked previously at Lansons since its history, but are no longer working today at Lansons. Many companies, organizations, and academic institutions have means by which they stay in touch with each other – many of you will be in such groups through the power of social media – as alumni, and we wanted to do the same. It was over thirty years ago since we co-founded Lansons but you and others have been part of it, so we wanted to acknowledge the part you have played, in different ways, to help us grow from humble beginnings to where we are today.

Why are we doing this? Because we have always believed that Lansons is about people, and through the years we have worked with some wonderful people. We think you have helped us to contribute meaningfully to society, something that we both passionately believe in. We simply wanted to acknowledge this through the formation of a Lansons Alumni group and to hopefully involve you in some distinct activities as a former employee of Lansons. Of course you don’t have to, and the guidance on this page indicates what you need to do if you want to subscribe to the group, or not.

Who is in the group?

We have combed through all those – 700 or so – who have worked at Lansons since 1989 and have sought to include everyone we can where, and where we have relevant contact details. We understand that some may not wish to take part for different reasons, and respect that, and equally others cannot for different reasons sadly.

But the group is about us: our former colleagues who, together with our current colleagues, forms the Lansons family. This is our group, so please join and share!

What does the group do, or intend to do?

Some of you remain in touch anyway, and many do get involved with our current activities, but perhaps you may wish to do more or simply stay involved with people who you met through your work here. So the group that you are part of will enable you to do all those things; we will administrate it for you and hope that you find some value out of the activities that are suggested, or simply through the continued connections that you can make.

This site will carry more information on the Alumni group, and there will be more features coming soon such as a noticeboard for you to contribute to, as well as a diary of events that you may wish to be involved with. We will send you details of these in due course, as part of our Alumni newsletter focused on the group. Sign-up below.

How do I get involved?

Easy, sign-up using the button below. We’ll then cross check with our lists and confirm your registration to the alumni mailing list.

The best way to stay connected is with our Alumni newsletter, but there are plenty of other ways to get more involved. From our Alumni events, contribution to our community noticeboard (coming soon) and Alumni social media groups. Please do remember if sharing through social platforms to include the hashtag #LansonsAlumni


Lansons Alumni Group

We are proud of what we have achieved and you have played some part in this. We would love the near 700 of you that have worked at Lansons at some stage in your careers to become part of this new Lansons Alumni group, and we hope that you do. We look forward to seeing you in the future.

Lansons Today

But of course Lansons continues today and continues to thrive and grow, and expand into new markets. Last year we acquired an agency in New York, now called Lansons Intermarket, and we continue to grow our presence across many countries, not least through the two networks that we are members of, GCP and PROI, the latter of which Clare was the global chair of in 2020, PROI’s fiftieth year. We continue to achieve industry accolades for our work as a reputation management consultancy including EMEA Corporate Consultancy of the Year at PRovoke SABRE Awards and International Agency of the year achieved at PRCA awards, 2020.

At the heart of this of course are our clients, over 150 of them in more diverse sectors than ever before, with over 100 people currently at Lansons providing excellent service to them. Our work has evolved through the years, and we now structure our service offering in three areas: corporate reputation; marketing communications; and change and transformation.

If you didn’t know about some of our services and products, then please subscribe to our monthly Lansons Latest newsletter and events, at the link below.