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Our Green Credentials

We are very proud to have been officially certified as carbon neutral since 2009.

We actively reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible (before off-setting) and we partner with Natural Capital Partners for our annual assessments and offset. A recent company-wide vote on our offset projects for the next three years (2021 – 2024) selected Acre Amazonian Rainforest Conservation and Community Reforestation in East Africa.

Our dedicated “Green Team” fronts recycle initiatives and the drive to find low energy solutions which resulted (in 2010) in us switching to Ecotricity, the UK’s greenest energy company. We also run initiatives that encourage and enable our colleagues to engage in environmentally-responsible behaviours.

We actively encourage staff to walk and cycle to work and to meetings and we run a commuting survey among our staff to ensure that the environmental impact of commuting is offset too.

We reduce our consumption of resources and manage our waste though our Reduce Reuse Recycle programme. We operate a ‘bin-less’ office and have facilities to recycle all paper, plastic, glass and cans, used toner cartridges, plastic bags, light bulbs, batteries, computer equipment and mobile phones – and food. We use a zero to landfill waste collection for waste that we are unable to recycle, which is used to produce energy at a specialist plant.

Where possible we source goods from local suppliers, and we carry out regular reviews of our suppliers to ensure that they meet our environmental standards too.

Your Sustainability Partner

Our own position on sustainability is part of what has made us a Great Place to Work (top 50) for the last 16 years running and a significant factor in us being named as Workplace Champion and Ethical Champion by our industry body, the PRCA.

We have built on this insight to offer clients robust and insightful advice on the development of sustainability, CSR and ESG narratives and associated multi-stakeholder communications strategies.

Our work in this area includes project for the Isle of Man Government, Tidal Lagoon Power and global flavour and fragrances business, Givaudan.

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