Lansons Conversations

HighTide Festival comes to London

14 July 2017 BY Rachel Dakin
For almost a decade, Lansons and HighTide have enjoyed a unique, award-winning relationship between an arts charity and business. We share our offices with HighTide, which enables the theatre company to focus resources and funding on achieving...
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Cracking the science of incidental exposure

14 July 2017 BY Michael White
Are you reading this newsletter in bed? When it comes to the news, the public you’re trying to reach probably are. Today smartphones are now as important for news inside the home as outside, with 46% now accessing news in bed, which is more than...
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Reputation: Does it matter anymore? (spoiler: yes)

14 July 2017 BY Sarah Tye
It’s Friday night and you’ve had a pig of a day: bag got stuck in the tube door on the commute and you had to overshoot your stop until the doors opened on the right side of the carriage; your Tupperware of quinoa with salmon and mirin dressing...
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Lansons launches its first book-Why We Do What We Do

14 July 2017 BY Suzanne Ellis
Lansons is excited to be launching its first book – Why We Do What We Do – authored by Dr Helena Boschi, a psychologist who focuses on applied neuroscience in the workplace. Why We Do What We Do is for busy professionals who want to...
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Lansons’ Newsletter: Summer 2017

13 July 2017 BY Lansons
The latest edition of our newsletter is now available to view. Included in this issue: Big business looks a lot like Theresa May Lansons launches its first book A look into the implications on the FCA's final report of the Asset...
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