Lansons Conversations

The Female Empowerment Strategy; Confidence is King

30 May 2017 BY Frederica Saunders
Last week Lansons hosted The Female Empowerment Strategy, a lively panel discussion which considered what it means to be empowered as a woman, and how women in the workplace face challenges to which their male colleagues likely are not exposed. ...
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Lansons and HighTide: A Partnership

24 May 2017 BY Francesca Clark - HighTide
This week, we are delighted to be attending the Third Sector Business Charity Awards 2017 in recognition of our partnership with Lansons. Since 2008, Lansons and HighTide have celebrated a year-on-year partnership that is unique. Lansons donates...
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Scott McKenzie Discusses the Perils of a Positive Mindset

4 May 2017 BY Scott McKenzie
Like a lot of men my age I love a sporting metaphor. My colleagues get bored with my tennis analogies and general sports geekery. However when I recently had to explain to an elderly relative what I do for a living I found myself making a...
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