Lansons Conversations

People Powered Health – The Presentation

29 September 2015 BY Tina Woods
At the recent 'Connected Health' event in London, Lansons Health and Opinium presented findings from their research into innovation in healthcare - you can download the full report here.Below you can find the slides from the event - if you have any...
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The Economics of Reputation

29 September 2015 BY Lansons
The PRCA held its annual National Conference on Friday 25th September 2015 at BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly. The PRCA National Conference is the premier conference for the PR and communications industry, and Lansons Chief Executive Tony Langham was there to...
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People Powered Health report by Lansons and Opinium Research

18 September 2015 BY Lansons
What does the general public want and expect from healthcare today? What are the opportunities that technological innovation can provide healthcare? How will technology help to meet the rapidly evolving patient expectations and healthcare needs...
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What does Jeremy Corbyn’s election mean for UK politics?

14 September 2015 BY Lansons
OverviewOn Saturday Jeremy Corbyn was elected as the new leader of the Labour Party.The veteran left-winger won with a huge 59.5% of the vote, an astounding first round victory. Andy Burnham was a distant second, polling 19%, whilst Yvette Cooper...
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A new leader is elected and old Labour is back

14 September 2015 BY Ralph Jackson
Jeremy Corbyn would hate it but he has achieved a delicious similarity with Tony Blair: he won a landslide victory to become party leader.Whereas Blair advanced the Labour party to unheard-of successes with three election victories, the new leader of...
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