Lansons Conversations

New Labour part 2

11 May 2015 BY Ralph Jackson
It’s back to school for the Labour party to revisit the three Rs: reinvent, rebuild, renew.The election defeat wasn’t just a recognition that the party’s policies are not appealing to the country but more a sense that the party as a whole is...
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As the dust settles from #GE2015, what might it all mean?

8 May 2015 BY Ralph Jackson
Everything that could have changed in British politics actually did change over the past twenty-four hours. We have, for the first time since 1992, a Conservative Government with a working majority and the major opposition parties almost hunted to...
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Summary of the 2015 General Election

8 May 2015 BY Matthew Young
After all the talk of hung Parliaments, red lines and coalition deals, the Conservative Party has achieved something that no one thought was possible. At the time of writing the party has returned 330 MPs, enough to form a slender majority in the...
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