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Unintended consequences – squared!

22 March 2013 BY David Masters
The EU parliament’s vote in favour of capping fund managers’ bonuses on Thursday is likely to have far reaching consequences, both for the fund management industry, and for the private investors and pension beneficiaries who rely on it for...
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Skin Trade

18 March 2013 BY David Masters
"Skin in the game" is a term often attributed to the Sage of Omaha, Warren Buffett, as a reference to senior executives having a personal financial stake in the business or investment they help to run. Whatever its origins, its one of those phrases...
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International Women’s Day

15 March 2013 BY Kate Bandeira
Friday 8th March marked the 112th International Women’s Day, a worldwide celebration of women’s economic, political and social achievements across the road. To mark the occasion, Lansons Communications’ newly-formed Women’s Committee held a...
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Insight and Foresight February Review

1 March 2013 BY Richard Hobbs
  Dear Readers It has to be said that February was not a very inspiring month. The prudential regulators have been packing their plastic moving crates and heading off to Moorgate. Their new boss was confirmed as Andrew Bailey which was...
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