Lansons Conversations

Tribute to Mark Hanson

13 April 2011 BY Tony Langham
Memorial Service to celebrate the life of Mark Hanson   A Service of Thanksgiving to celebrate the life of long-time Lansons friend and ex-colleague Mark Hanson in words and with music will be held on Thursday, 9th June 2011 at 11.30am at St...
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Trust in control vs. control in trust

12 April 2011 BY Richard Winder
Poring over the IBC’s report yesterday, I felt a swift and mysterious drift into daydream.  The daydream featured a gang of belligerent prefects, corralled - after yet another night out terrorising the local townsfolk - into the college courtyard...
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Reputation, reputation, reputation

11 April 2011 BY Adam Harwood
It’s amazing how hard it is to build up a decent reputation, and how easy it is to then tarnish it irrepairably in one fell swoop. Think of the likes of Sir Fred Goodwin, honoured by the state in recognition of his meteoric rise from a working...
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