Lansons Conversations

Summer of snubs

17 August 2010 BY Adam Harwood
Last week’s decision by the now-beleaguered England manager Fabio Capello to announce, somewhat publicly, that national hero David Beckham had played his last competitive game for a country he has served with distinction for so long, was rightly...
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Don’t bank on this balancing act lasting

11 August 2010 BY Richard Winder
Last week’s banking sector results confirmed a significant rebound in the fortunes of our High Street giants, albeit a rather different Big Four than we had been used to just two years before.  But equally attention-grabbing was the extent to...
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Stunts that grab attention

11 August 2010 BY Stuart Lerman
It’s only mid-week and there have already been a number of clever stunts and PR exercises that have caught my eye. But the two that provoked the most reaction are two ideas which although are far from innovative, are hugely effective at gaining...
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