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Cheggers gets popped

30 July 2010 BY Adam Harwood
The social media world received its first serious celebrity setback this week when, of all people, Keith Chegwin got a severe backlash from many comedians following alleged plagiarism on Twitter. Comics such as Ed Byrne and Simon Evans have been...
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Marketing making it happen

28 July 2010 BY Stuart Lerman
Making Sony Mini How do you go about promoting the world’s smallest smartphone? Well, if you are Sony you make everything else mini; including your campaign. Like bouncing colourful balls down a San Francisco hill or smashing giant jet streams of...
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Lock it up

20 July 2010 BY Stuart Lerman
Here is a great example of a guerrilla stunt from Canada promoting Smart cars. Although I’m sure they are not trying to promote the security of a Smart car, with what are generally flimsy bike locks, passers by (and those who have seen this...
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Beginning that has no end

19 July 2010 BY Adam Harwood
Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc…the power shift in media has been obvious, uncontrollable, and – some would now argue – quite dangerous. The recent tragic events in Northumberland have arguably given the nation the most compelling example...
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Videos worth watching this week

16 July 2010 BY Stuart Lerman
Everyone deserves a little distraction during their day, and my two favourite distraction points this week came from watching a couple of viral videos. Shark Attack in Amsterdam Canal With a headline like that it’s bound to grab the attention of...
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