Lansons Conversations

The new political reality?

25 June 2010 BY Chris Bose
In the wake of the Obama election campaign commentators were quick to proclaim that how elections are fought and won had irrevocably changed. According to the theory once a campaign could harness new forms of political communications with such...
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A year of the Lansons Live studio

24 June 2010 BY _editor
With apologies to Jane Austen, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a politician in possession of a seat in election year must be in want of publicity. No surprise then that we have seen the great and the good pass through the Lansons Live...
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Emergency Budget 2010

22 June 2010 BY Chris Bose
This was, in the Chancellor’s words, the ‘unavoidable’ Budget. This was the Budget that would impose some of the tightest constraints on public spending seen in recent times, and we could be in no doubt that this was going to be tough. Osborne,...
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Finding the constant

18 June 2010 BY Adam Harwood
On my long, arduous trip to work on any given morning, there is an old man who sits in the underpass near Waterloo Station playing his French Organ. This man (let’s call him Jean) only knows one song, must have seen millions of different people...
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Creating a dialogue with the over 50s market

16 June 2010 BY _editor
Over the last few weeks I have been working increasingly on pieces of business that focus on the 50+ market. A few years ago we probably would have treated the 50+ as just one group, however, the more I work amongst this group the more I realise as...
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Who should fire a CEO?

9 June 2010 BY Ralph Jackson
The CEO's of BP, British Airways and Prudential all have one thing in common right now: they're fighting potentially career threatening crises.  But if they have messed-up the question is who should be the person to tell  them to go? BP's Tony...
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No nest egg for the masses

1 June 2010 BY Richard Hobbs
Two early decisions by the new government will cause consternation in some places and at least disappointment in others.  Rather surprisingly, the Child Trust Fund bites the dust from the end of the year.  This seems to be a short term public...
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