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World Cup shows Westminster the winning way

27 May 2010 BY Adam Harwood
With the Queen’s speech finally KOing the first heavyweight contest of the summer this week, the media – along with the rest of the country – has now turned their attention to a battle in which, unlike the politicians’ duel at the polling...
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The Sun wot won it?

10 May 2010 BY Sophie Lilley
It has been universally agreed that the three television debates invigorated the recent election campaign, despite the resultant Liberal Democrat surge ultimately failing to materialise. And yet – given that the newspapers, unlike the broadcast...
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The hung parliament election

7 May 2010 BY Sophie Lilley
It is official. The election has delivered a hung parliament with the Conservatives as the largest party. At the time of writing, the Conservatives had achieved 306 seats, the Labour party 258 and the Liberal Democrat party 57.  Gordon Brown has...
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