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Making music social again

30 April 2010 BY Sophie Lilley
This week saw Spotify rage war on iTunes by launching new social features for its service, with many claiming it has edged them ahead in the online music community world. The new functions, which allow users set up a profile and add other users into...
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Day 24 – Good day – bad day

29 April 2010 BY Ben Abbotts
Harold Wilson’s oft quoted ‘a week is a long time in politics’ will be repeated ad nausuem this weekend as the days tick away to May 6th. Given an assessment of the campaign week just finishing it’s a reasonable bet that Gordon Brown and the...
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Day 23 – Good day – bad day

28 April 2010 BY Ben Abbotts
With the aftermath of BigotGate still hanging heavily over the Prime Minister, his attempts to steer today’s theme back onto debating the substance with the people – arguably what got him into this predicament – has had mixed success. His visit...
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Day 22 – Good day – bad day

27 April 2010 BY Ben Abbotts
Some things just aren’t meant to work out. The decision to ‘up the tempo’ of the Labour campaign and enable the Prime Minister to engage more with voters reached its almost inevitable conclusion today. Not inevitable because Brown was always...
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Day 21 – Good day – bad day

26 April 2010 BY Ben Abbotts
As several polls put the Lib Dems ahead of Labour and Clegg makes it known that he could work with Labour, but not with Brown at the helm, attention has focused on who could succeed Brown as party leader. Two of the leading contenders have had quite...
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Day 20 – Good day – bad day

25 April 2010 BY Ben Abbotts
A change in strategy As we enter the last full week of the campaign Labour and Tories have been forced to recalibrate their strategies to grapple with the defining factor of the election campaign so far – the Liberal Democrat surge. For both of...
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Day 18 – Good day – bad day

23 April 2010 BY Ben Abbotts
Get Real Scratch the Liberal Democrat surface and sanctimony is rarely far below. The party suffered a terrible outbreak of this recurring problem today, starting on the Today programme. Lib Dems quite genuinely believe that there is something wrong...
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Day 17 – Good day – bad day

22 April 2010 BY Ben Abbotts
The burglary Liam Fox awoke to this morning delayed the launch of the Tories armed forces manifesto. It also delayed the start of an all out attack on Lib Dem defence policy but there will be no shortage of that in tonight’s second televised...
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Day 16 – Good day – bad day

21 April 2010 BY Ben Abbotts
Today was a bad day for the reputation of London cabbies. Having discovered that one of Lib Dem’s campaign chiefs had left strategy notes for Clegg’s televised debates in the back of his cab, the driver gave them straight to the Sun rather than...
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