Lansons Conversations

Is ‘free’ now inevitable for The Independent?

30 March 2010 BY Simon Sanders
The Independent and Independent on Sunday have finally been sold - along with the reported £30m of debt - for a nominal £1 to Alexander Lebedev, owner of the London Evening Standard. Given that Lebedev turned the Standard into a free newspaper,...
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Meanwhile, away from the Budget….

24 March 2010 BY David Masters
Clearly no-one in their right mind would think that the Tories’ recent statement of opposition to the AIFM Directive, coming as it does on the heels of Labour PM Gordon Brown’s intervention to stop the AIFMD being signed off last week, represents...
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Oh Pretty Woman!

11 March 2010 BY Richard Hobbs
Adair Turner delivered another of his blockbuster analyses of the banking crisis in Mumbai on 15 February. His reasoning is becoming increasingly sophisticated, although his conclusions grow more worrying in their uncertainty. However, he illustrated...
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Handbags in Berlin

9 March 2010 BY Richard Hobbs
A very strange spat occurred in Berlin. The busy Dan Waters attended a so-called Super Return conference in Berlin. (The idea of a conference using the concept of super returns in its title suggests irrational exuberance is not dead but no matter)....
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Turning the pages of history!

5 March 2010 BY Richard Hobbs
We have commented on several previous occasions that the FSA has a practice of using speeches by its senior people at industry conferences to give quite clear messages about where it is headed. Indeed, they get quite frustrated that too few people...
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No more Hector’s House jokes

4 March 2010 BY Richard Hobbs
Hector Sants’ decision to execute a previously established plan to leave the FSA a strict three years after taking up the CEO role has been widely reported elsewhere. Throughout his tenure, whenever we met him, generally on matters much less...
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