Lansons Conversations

Who would be an alt?

22 January 2010 BY David Masters
For the eighth month running, hedge funds received positive inflows during December 2009. Although these net inflows were seasonally small and dwarfed by performance related gains, it clearly suggests that hedge funds are very much back on the agenda...
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Chocolate and Cheese

20 January 2010 BY Jonathon Grove
So Cadbury has finally given up the ghost and accepted an 850p per share offer from Kraft. Already people are queueing up to be outraged about the UK Government’s reticence (or inability) to intervene, the willingness of shareholders to accept the...
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A question of political will

7 January 2010 BY Chris Bose
The starting pistol has been fired. Lock up your babies and prepare for months of mud slinging for the (pre) election campaign begun this week. As millions braved a dark and icy morning to return to work they will have been greeted by David...
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