Lansons Conversations

Excess returns

20 November 2009 BY David Masters
It’s easy to dismiss the current obsession with regulating remuneration as a meaningless and misguided act of desperate populism from a group of discredited regulators and legislators hoping to salvage some scrap of approval by publicly...
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Queen’s Speech 2009

18 November 2009 BY Chris Bose
If we are to believe Lord Mandelson’s view that Labour are the political underdogs now, they didn’t put up much of a fight in today’s Queen’s Speech. Setting out its final legislative programme before the General Election was a fine...
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Diabetes in the UK, the communications dilemma

14 November 2009 BY Tony Langham
World diabetes day and both main charities, Diabetes UK and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation ( JDRF ) are doing their bit to raise awareness of the subject. According to Diabetes UK 34% of the 2.3 million sufferers aware they are diabetics,...
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How do you prepare for Government?

11 November 2009 BY Ralph Jackson
A potential seismic change in the UK political landscape could occur next year with a new political party in Government, the first change for a dozen years.  So the debate this week has been about the time needed to transition smoothly to office...
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Screaming out for silence on Rememberance Day

9 November 2009 BY Simon Sanders
Apparently, in space, no-one can hear you scream. Not being a big one for space travel, or screaming, I am mute on the subject. I don’t go to forests much either, so whether or not a tree that falls there when there is no-one around makes a sound,...
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