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Alastair protests too much?

28 October 2009 BY Ben Abbotts
Last week I wrote in MoneyMarketing suggesting that George Osborne was gaining increasing respect in the City and Financial Services. Don’t just take my word for it, though. If proof were needed, see this letter to the FT today from Alastair...
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The deadly tweet

14 October 2009 BY _editor
Celebrity tweets and Facebook postings are now, I think alarmingly, essential obituary fodder for the mainstream media. Straddling the limbo between tantalising proof of life and darker hint of troubles to come. Little Britain star Matt Lucas’...
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Cameron talks responsibly

9 October 2009 BY Chris Bose
In the final chapter of the party conference saga, Conservative leader David Cameron set out his vision of a future Britain under his Premiership with the principle of responsibility at the heart of it.  But will this gel with an electorate who by...
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Democratic consumerism

8 October 2009 BY Vicky Perry
This week Asda announced plans to enable its extensive ‘shoppers’ panel’ of customers to have a say in which products are sold on its shelves, with the initiative receiving a warm welcome from the marketing and consumer media. The idea of...
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