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Liberal Democrat Party Conference: Ten things we have learnt

The Lansons Public Affairs team returned from a wet and windy Brighton with a case of policy indigestion, following a rather full diet of policy (re) announcements. With Nick Clegg imploring the audience to see his party as one of the three parties of Government, Labour recovering in the polls and the Tories having endured their worst six months since the Coalition was formed, reading the political runes is harder than at any point in this Parliament. As we pass the parliamentary mid-point the policy direction of each party is becoming less certain. To what extent will the strengthening of the Tory right portend a policy drift in this direction? How will the Labour Party policy review shift their agenda, and how will Clegg try and extract further wins from the Coalition? To help you separate the reality from the rhetoric and understand what is genuinely new we are putting together briefings on key learnings from each of the three parties’ conferences. Please click here to see what we have learnt from the Lib Dem conference.