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We provide clients with true integrated consultancy, where we are able to look at their business from all angles and provide a 360 degree perspective

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Why Lansons?

The unique depth and breadth of our experience, as consultants and as an agency as a whole, sets us apart. 25 years of consistent growth and development, underpinned by industry-leading staff retention rates, mean that Lansons has a deep knowledge of corporate, consumer and B2B comms.

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Lansons is a full service strategic consultancy, specialising in corporate, media and political communications. We help our clients achieve their objectives by communicating more effectively with customers, investors, employees, policy-makers, regulators and the wider public.


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Lansons’ Special Edition Newsletter: Crisis and Issues Management

16 January 2018 BY Lansons
Click to read Lansons' special edition newsletter - Crisis Management The latest edition of our newsletter is now available to view. Included in this issue: Crisis Management, Tony Langham,...
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Gaining perspective on the PR industry: London exchange

12 January 2018 BY Eric Robledo - Honner
Last year we were joined by Eric Robledo from Australian GCP partner agency Honner as part of an exchange program. Eric shares his key takeaways of what he learnt during his time with Lansons and...
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Are you ready for Gender Pay Reporting?

18 December 2017 BY Rachel Dakin
The deadline for publishing gender pay data is less than four months away. Yet, at the time of writing, only 366 out of roughly 9,000 companies legally required to report have submitted their...
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In a technological revolution we cannot forget what makes us human(e)

18 December 2017 BY Megan Murray Jones
The fact well documented is that we have entered a 4th revolution. After agricultural, industrial and digital we are now entering one dominated by technology and artificial intelligence. This new...
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