Upcoming Events

Our events allow people to come together to share insights, hear from others and debate the issues that matter.  We hold a number of different events throughout the year, ranging from full day conferences to breakfast panel events.  

Many people attend again and again, establishing a fantastic community, but we love meeting and hearing from new people so if you are interested in joining us for any of the following please get in touch. 

Future of Financial Services Conference: in light of Britain's EU exit - coming soon

The Future of Financial Services Conference is one of the premier events in the industry, and attracts guests and speakers from across the worlds of media, politics and business.
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Beyond Article 50 - a breakfast session with The Daily Telegraph columnist Asa Bennett

Now the UK's departure from the EU has started, The Daily Telegraph columnist Asa Bennett talks about the politics of the exit negotiations and the bumpy road ahead for the government.
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