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    Lansons’ Autumn Newsletter 2016

    20 October 2016 BY Lansons
      The latest edition of our interactive newsletter is now available to view.  In this issue we reflect on the world of business since the referendum result: how have things changed, is the outlook as bleak as previously predicted...
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      Our reflections from the Conservative Party Conference 2016

      6 October 2016 BY Matthew Young
      This year’s Conservative Party Conference was strikingly upbeat. It was also, in marked contrast to Labour, packed, with the secure zone itself notably larger than in previous years, and most fringes over-subscribed. The elevated mood was perhaps...
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        How to manage your reputation online? – Experts debate

        22 September 2016 BY Michael White
        Do you feel in control of your online reputation? The internet continues to radically challenge the business of public relations. Information about you and your organisation isn’t just in the hands of the media, it’s open for anybody to discuss...
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          Lansons announces new partnership with charity Mind

          8 August 2016 BY Dixie Maloney
          Charity has been at the heart of our agency for over two decades, as Lansons have been committed to fundraising, developing awareness, upskilling and offering pro-bono support to and for various worthy causes since the agency was created over 25...
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            Pokémon Go: Is it time for companies to catch ‘em all?

            22 July 2016 BY Michael White
            It feels like the ‘90s as Blink-182 release a new album and the craze of Pokémon hits the world, hard. Pokémon Go, the new smartphone app that overlays a insanely detailed virtual world across the Earth tracks peoples steps via GPS and uses a...
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              Britain, Brexit and managing change

              1 July 2016 BY Tony Langham
               Britain (or at least England and Wales) will be leaving the EU and we all need to accept the result of the referendum. We shouldn’t indulge any blame games or conversations about a second referendum, or complain at how close the vote was. As...
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                Lansons Newsletter – July 2016

                1 July 2016 BY Lansons
                Our July newsletter is now available. Click the image below to flick through.In this issue we reflect on how Brexit is likely to impact on UK businesses and our industry and how we plan to positively move forward. There is also a piece from research...
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                Lansons Brexit update

                22 June 2016 BY Matt Lowe
                  As the final day of official campaigning arrives, polls still show that tomorrow’s referendum will be a ‘neck and neck’ contest. The final Financial Times’ Poll of Polls shows a slender one percentage point lead for ‘Vote...
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                How to internationalise your thinking

                17 June 2016 BY Anna Schirmer
                Keeping your eyes and ears open, to see and experience new things that challenge your thinking and your perceptions are key for any consultant. Only by continuously being curious about the things we don’t know yet or haven’t yet considered, are...
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                  How the Brexit verdict fares so far in Lansons SME polls

                  27 May 2016 BY James Dowling
                  Anyone looking at the recent polling on the referendum question would be forgiven for suffering a considerable level of uncertainty over whether the UK will vote to stay in or depart the EU on 23 June. The latest poll – by YouGov for The Times on...
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                    Lansons Briefing – Queen’s Speech 2016: Analysis

                    19 May 2016 BY Matthew Young
                    OverviewThe State Opening of Parliament took place at 11.30am this morning, when the Queen took to her throne in the House of Lords to outline the Government's proposed legislative programme for the coming session of Parliament.There were three key...
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                      Who has the best view in PR?

                      13 May 2016 BY Lansons
                      Scott McKenzie, joint MD and head of change and employee engagement gives an insight into office life at Lansons in this article in PR Moments.“My morning stroll to work involves me walking past some of London's most iconic landmarks: from the...
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                        Looking forward to growing older?

                        3 May 2016 BY Tina Woods
                        Worldwide there is a dramatic shift in demographics as more people are living longer and birth rates fall in the developed world.   In London – where 32% of the population is under 25 – the number of people over 60 is projected to expand by 48%...
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                          10 minutes with a PR pro: Tony Langham, CEO, Lansons

                          26 April 2016 BY Lansons
                          Tony Langham was featured in the 2015 PR Week Global Power Book. As part of it's #PRProSeries, Katie Simpson, Managing Consultant at Hanson Search, interviewed Tony to find out how he made it in the industry.Read the interview...
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                            Lansons’ Response: Budget 2016

                            16 March 2016 BY Lansons
                              Read Lansons' response to the Budget 2016. Published 16th March 2016.Content from James Dowling, Head of Public Policy at Lansons and Associate Director Sophia Morrell. 
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                              Lansons’ Online Highlights

                              7 March 2016 BY Lansons
                              The Lansons Online team have scoured the internet to collate the best news and views from the past two weeks. Get insight into what’s happening online and keep an eye on our blog and social media for more of these updates!  1. Google DeepMind...
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                                Is Parity for Women in the City a Pipe Dream?

                                4 March 2016 BY Sophia Morrell
                                This article was published in the Huffington Post 3rd March 2016. Author Sophia Morrell is an associate director at Lansons. Will we ever have gender equality in financial services? Genuine equality - parity of earnings, representation on...
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                                  Lansons promotes Scott McKenzie to Joint Managing Director

                                  3 March 2016 BY Lansons
                                   Lansons has today announced that Scott McKenzie, Director and Head of Change & Employee Engagement, has been promoted to the role of Joint Managing Director, joining existing Joint Managing Directors Laura Hastings, Rebecca Mayo and Stuart...
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                                    Another gold medal in the PR Week Best Places to Work 2016!

                                    25 February 2016 BY Lansons
                                      Lansons is extremely proud to announce that we have been awarded the large agency gold award in the PR Week UK Best Places to Work 2016.  In judging the awards the PR Week panel looked at numerous aspects of life at Lansons including...
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                                      #ICallMyselfAFeminist – unpicking the F-Word

                                      15 February 2016 BY Sophia Morrell
                                        What does it mean to be a feminist in 2016? The answer to that question, it seems, touches on everything from buying neutral toys for girls to not accidentally laughing at sexist jokes, as we discovered last week when Lansons gathered...
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                                        Panel debate – I Call Myself a Feminist

                                        14 January 2016 BY Lansons
                                        In February 2016 Lansons held an evening panel debate with the authors of 2015’s  ‘I Call Myself A Feminist’ as we discussed what it means to be a feminist in 2016.The book brings together the voices of 25 women under thirty to explore what...
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                                          Tony Langham shares his predictions for 2016 in PR Week

                                          11 January 2016 BY Lansons
                                          In an article for PR Week, Chief Executive Tony Langham shares his views and predictions for 2016. Tony Langham has cited reputation management as one of the key trends of 2016 following a year of reputation problems for the likes of Volkswagen,...
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                                            The Lansons Newsletter – December 2015

                                            4 December 2015 BY Lansons
                                                    Read our December newsletter, featuring corporate reputations, content marketing tips for 2016, innovation in the elderly care sector and the debate between "asset management and asset gathering".  
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                                              Lansons celebrates 26th anniversary

                                              17 November 2015 BY Lansons
                                              Twenty-six years ago, on 14 November, 1989, Tony Langham and Clare Parsons officially launched Lansons Communications.Whilst our name has been shortened and our portfolio of clients and expert services has broadened, we still love to remember how we...
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                                                Tony Langham’s Thoughts on Change in the PR Industry

                                                4 November 2015 BY Lansons
                                                Writing on the PR Week website, Lansons Chief Executive and Founder Tony Langham gives his thoughts on the recent news of the merger between Fishburn Hedges and Fleishman Hillard...Fishburn Hedges was crucial in our industry’s journey from PR to...
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                                                  Lansons promotes Scott McKenzie to Management Board

                                                  3 November 2015 BY Lansons
                                                  Lansons has today announced that Scott McKenzie, Director and head of Change & Employee Engagement, has been promoted to the Management Board.  Scott joins nine other senior consultants on the Management Board, which is responsible for the day...
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                                                  Why Brand Building needs a Rebrand!

                                                  29 October 2015 BY Russell Graham
                                                  When it comes to brand building, a lot of organisations and agencies are in need of a reality check. Too many companies are still putting their brand on a pedestal, spending millions polishing it and expecting that manufactured “thing” to be how...
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                                                  Photo Gallery: Lansons Annual Party 2015

                                                  12 October 2015 BY Lansons
                                                  On Thursday 8 October Lansons hosted our Annual Party at Smiths of Smithfield.We were delighted to share stunning views of the sun setting behind St Paul's with over 500 clients, contacts and friends. Thank you to everyone who came, we hope...
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                                                    People Powered Health – The Presentation

                                                    29 September 2015 BY Tina Woods
                                                    At the recent 'Connected Health' event in London, Lansons Health and Opinium presented findings from their research into innovation in healthcare - you can download the full report here.Below you can find the slides from the event - if you have any...
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                                                    The Economics of Reputation

                                                    29 September 2015 BY Lansons
                                                    The PRCA held its annual National Conference on Friday 25th September 2015 at BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly. The PRCA National Conference is the premier conference for the PR and communications industry, and Lansons Chief Executive Tony Langham was there to...
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                                                      People Powered Health report by Lansons and Opinium Research

                                                      18 September 2015 BY Lansons
                                                      What does the general public want and expect from healthcare today? What are the opportunities that technological innovation can provide healthcare? How will technology help to meet the rapidly evolving patient expectations and healthcare needs...
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                                                        What does Jeremy Corbyn’s election mean for UK politics?

                                                        14 September 2015 BY Lansons
                                                        OverviewOn Saturday Jeremy Corbyn was elected as the new leader of the Labour Party.The veteran left-winger won with a huge 59.5% of the vote, an astounding first round victory. Andy Burnham was a distant second, polling 19%, whilst Yvette Cooper...
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                                                          A new leader is elected and old Labour is back

                                                          14 September 2015 BY Ralph Jackson
                                                          Jeremy Corbyn would hate it but he has achieved a delicious similarity with Tony Blair: he won a landslide victory to become party leader.Whereas Blair advanced the Labour party to unheard-of successes with three election victories, the new leader of...
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                                                            Robots are real and they may threaten your job

                                                            9 September 2015 BY Michael White
                                                            This blog post is part of the #SMWDigitalFuture series leading up to our event on 18 September, ‘States of Digital: Roles of the Future, In-house Structures & Agency Offerings’ as part of Social Media Week London. For more information...
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                                                              Launching the Lansons Health Innovation Survey

                                                              3 September 2015 BY Tina Woods
                                                              If you are interested in healthcare innovation then you will be interested in what consumers think about using new health technology.  On 18 September, Lansons Health will be sharing the findings of our Health Innovation Survey at  the Connected...
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                                                                Social Media Week Is Coming To Lansons

                                                                2 September 2015 BY Russell Graham
                                                                This month, Europe’s biggest social media conference is coming to Lansons. On 18th September, we will be hosting an event, States of Digital: Roles of the Future, In-house Structures & Agency Offerings, as part of Social Media Week London,...
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                                                                  Lansons Gives Back

                                                                  20 August 2015 BY Helen Proud
                                                                  This week at Lansons we had the pleasure of a visit from Lieutenant Colonel Tim Coles, who came to our offices to accept a cheque for ABF, the Soldiers Charity, and told us about the brilliant work the charity does to support serving and retired...
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                                                                    The Lansons Newsletter – August 2015

                                                                    13 August 2015 BY Lansons
                                                                            Click on the image above to read our August newsletter, featuring employee engagement, Britain's problem with productivity, our new health offering, the changing face of brand building and what Martin...
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                                                                      Five LinkedIn tips for beginners

                                                                      7 August 2015 BY Pete Knott
                                                                      Did you set up a LinkedIn profile ages ago but haven’t gotten around to updating it or sorting out the details yet? One very good reason to devote more attention to it is by Googling yourself - your LinkedIn profile is probably the first search...
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                                                                      Going on holiday…in your office

                                                                      6 August 2015 BY Caroline Cant
                                                                      As the hazy summer days roll on and holidays begin in earnest, lone desks appear throughout offices across the UK, patiently waiting for their usual inhabitant to return rested and (hopefully) tanned. These spaces provide the perfect chance for those...
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                                                                      Climbing the reputational yield curve

                                                                      4 August 2015 BY David Masters
                                                                      It appears that asset managers aren’t to be construed as systemically important, which is good news. Nonetheless, they remain hugely significant in the global flow of capital. And, for an ever growing number of investors and households, they will...
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                                                                      Britain at Work – Launch Presentation

                                                                      30 July 2015 BY Scott McKenzie
                                                                      Below is the full presentation, delivered by Scott Mckenzie, Director of Employee Engagement at Lansons, and James Endersby, Managing Director of Opinium, to present the findings of the Britain at Work study 2015. Britain at Work is an insight...
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                                                                        Asset Management Summer Cocktail Party

                                                                        27 July 2015 BY Lansons
                                                                        On Tuesday 21 July, a lovely balmy summer evening, the Lansons courtyard was taken over by around 120 clients and guests for the annual Lansons Asset Management Summer Cocktail Party.Our courtyard was transformed into a bustling outside arena with...
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                                                                        Oklahoma City University meets Lansons

                                                                        20 July 2015 BY Lansons
                                                                        Lansons recently provided six media students from Oklahoma City University (OCU) with valuable insights into the UK PR industry and media landscape. So what did OCU student Justis Huddleston (@JustisHudd) think about his experience at...
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                                                                          Pro-bono PR is music to the ears of talented youngsters

                                                                          16 July 2015 BY Eva Blesinger
                                                                          The long-awaited gala concert of St. Paul’s Co-Educational College Primary School, one of Hong Kong’s most prestigious music schools, was held on 15 July at London’s prime concert venue St. John’s Smith Square.  This final concert rounded...
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                                                                          Britain at Work – one week to go!

                                                                          15 July 2015 BY Scott McKenzie
                                                                          The announcement today of a rise both in unemployment numbers AND the levels of pay (as well as the announcement of the Trade Union Bill limiting workers’ right to strike) demonstrate just how mixed the picture is when looking at the modern UK...
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                                                                          Lansons Blogcast 01- Britain at Work

                                                                          9 July 2015 BY Lansons
                                                                          In this first Lansons Blogcast, Scott McKenzie (@scotty_bhoy), Director of Lansons' Change and Employee Engagement practice, and Professor Sir Cary Cooper (@ProfCaryCooper), from Manchester Business School at the University of Manchester, join...
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                                                                            What do British employees think about their workplace?

                                                                            6 July 2015 BY Scott McKenzie
                                                                            On 23 July Lansons will be launching our study of the contemporary UK workplace – entitled Britain at Work. Our study of over 2,000 UK employees explores elements such as pride in the organisation, job satisfaction, line management effectiveness,...
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                                                                              A fifth of Britons have been ashamed of who they work for

                                                                              18 June 2015 BY Lansons
                                                                              A new study from the PRCA, in conjunction with Opinium Research, as part of its “Economics of Reputation” campaign, reveals that a company’s reputation is one of the top three most important factors for Britons when it comes to seeking new...
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                                                                              New Labour part 2

                                                                              11 May 2015 BY Ralph Jackson
                                                                              It’s back to school for the Labour party to revisit the three Rs: reinvent, rebuild, renew.The election defeat wasn’t just a recognition that the party’s policies are not appealing to the country but more a sense that the party as a whole is...
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                                                                                As the dust settles from #GE2015, what might it all mean?

                                                                                8 May 2015 BY Ralph Jackson
                                                                                Everything that could have changed in British politics actually did change over the past twenty-four hours. We have, for the first time since 1992, a Conservative Government with a working majority and the major opposition parties almost hunted to...
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                                                                                  UK General Election 2015: Briefing #9

                                                                                  30 April 2015 BY Ralph Jackson
                                                                                  Welcome to the ninth edition of the Lansons Election Briefing, supported by Opinium. With less than two weeks until polling day, the outcome of the UK general election 2015 is still far too close to call, however the polls are showing some signs of...
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                                                                                    Future Of Financial Services Conference

                                                                                    27 February 2015 BY _editor
                                                                                    Now in its third year, our Future of Financial Services Conference is a must-attend event in the UK’s FS calendar, chaired by Anthony Hilton and with high-profile speakers, including Martin Wheatley, from across the media and wider industry....
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                                                                                      Retirement Revolution: Who will be the winners and losers?

                                                                                      27 February 2015 BY _editor
                                                                                      The shortly to be introduced changes to pension legislation will affect millions. With increased flexibility and choice now available to the consumer, we consider, with a panel of leading commentators, the winners and losers from an industry,...
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                                                                                      Building a presence in the US

                                                                                      27 February 2015 BY _editor
                                                                                      A panel discussion on the regulatory and media landscape for asset managers. Perceived regulatory and marketing communication complexity is often one of the US’ largest barriers to entry for European asset managers. Lansons and its US partner...
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                                                                                        The Lansons Newsletter – February 2015

                                                                                        9 February 2015 BY _editor
                                                                                                        Click on the image above to begin reading our February newsletter, with our take on some of the big issues on the horizon in 2015 - from inequality, the UK general election, to artificial...
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