Running a successful pan European PR programme
from London

Image by .Martin
Running a successful pan European PR programme
from London


To increase awareness in key European markets of Vanguard’s products and ethos


Proactively introduce Vanguard spokespeople to journalists across key publications in target countries (France, Netherlands) and build an on-going dialogue

with media to promote Vanguard’s products and ethos, and position Vanguard as a leading voice in these markets.


Began schedule of proactive media meetings and phone briefings to introduce Vanguard’s European ambassadors to target journalists and opinion formers across French and Dutch financial media.

Invited journalists to Vanguard events such as ETF roadshows, and briefings around

European investment symposia to show commitment to local markets.

Communicated key messages such as promotion of Vanguard’s global ETF growth to European audiences in own- language press releases


A strong programme of proactive media meetings and briefings (16 in total for H2 2013), resulting in growing media relationships with target journalists and opinion formers in key areas.

Overwhelmingly positive, standout coverage in national

European and trade publications, including passionate endorsement from consumer champions.

Marked increase in reactive enquiries from local media directed to Vanguard spokespeople.


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