Creating standout as a true consumer champion
during a crowded price rise season (2013)

Creating standout as a true consumer champion
during a crowded price rise season (2013)


Maintaining uSwitch’s prime position and share of voice in print, online and broadcast media during price rise season.


Since launch, our media programme has played a pivotal role in uSwitch’s business. Unlike many of its competitors, uSwitch does not advertise on TV so PR is the main driver of traffic and strengthening uSwitch’s position in the market. For the last decade, the Big Six energy suppliers have raised their energy prices every

year ahead of winter. As the voice of the consumer on rising household bills, we advise to create content that not only drives consumer engagement but also reinforces its national status as an energy consumer champion.


We ensured that content developed following a price rise announcement included a strong call to action which in turn, encouraged suppliers to be more transparent in terms of how they charge customers and provided consumers with advice on how they can save money on their energy bills.

This messaging helped to further strengthen the brand’s position as a consumer champion. By leveraging our media relationships, we were able to secure prime TV and radio slots for uSwitch spokespeople and ensure that it maintained share of voice in print and online media.


By reacting to the news agenda as quickly as we did during price rise season, we managed to secure widespread media coverage across all national publications as well as several broadcasters, including BBC News, ITV News and Sky.

This helped uSwitch achieve its bottom-line goal of driving traffic to the website and encouraging consumers to switch. Following the price rises, uSwitch saw a huge increase in traffic – the biggest switching day in its history as its call centre was flooded with enquiries.

Secured blanket coverage across the national print and online media, as broadcast, including BBC News, ITV News, and Sky.


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