Managing a Twitter crisis

Managing a Twitter crisis


Managing the media on- and offline in the wake of PayPal’s Twitter account being hacked.


In 2011, the global payment company PayPalUK’s Twitter feed was hijacked late at night by malicious hackers who posted negative comments and claimed that they had also hacked into PayPal accounts.

Within minutes, this was trending on Twitter and immediately picked up by leading technology writers at the national newspapers, potentially leading to a reputational crisis. We knew that a quick, decisive response was vital to reassure customers and the media.


Due to extensive monitoring, Lansons was aware of the crisis within minutes, and immediately briefed the appropriate UK/ US executives on the unfolding situation

Lansons quickly drafted a statement reiterating safety and security which was distributed to relevant global media and promoted across its other social media platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn.

We then liaised with all US and UK media who had already written the story to ensure PayPal’s statement was included and leveraged key trusted online influencers to spread our message to a wider audience.


As a result, the problem was quickly and effectively solved. The message swiftly got through to any worried customers, trust was restored as journalists

amended their stories and control of the account was regained – all within 3 hours.

Within three hours we had managed a reputational issue and restored consumers and the media


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