The Race into Space

The Race into Space


Create an international campaign to raise awareness of the Isle of Man’s space credentials.


We recommended using the $30m Google Lunar X Prize Team Summit as a platform to launch the campaign. To pre- launch the Summit, we created and released a story highlighting the Isle of Man as the 5th most likely country to return to the Moon.

Our team of expert communicators carefully managed the message to shape international media coverage on key issues.


We implemented an intensive media relations programme to secure international attendance and coverage of the event. During the Summit, we coordinated a series of interviews between key personnel. The event was also taking place in the middle of the Conservative’s Party conference. 

So, to overcome the logistical problems in getting relevant journalists to attend the event, we recruited a freelance blogger. To create a news feed from the site which allowed remote media to have live access.


We secured international and high-profile UK media exposure on BBC World Service radio with a reach of 188 million listeners weekly, Al Jazeera, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC North West, Denmark’s public service broadcaster DR’s Evening TV News,

along with coverage on the Guardian, Observer, Daily Mail, Yahoo UK, Yahoo! India, Bombay, New Zealand Herald websites as well as articles in Russian print publications.



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