Image by Jonathan Kos-Read


Helping Fiserv, a large US tech company, to launch their new banking platform in the UK B2B technology market harnessing a mixture of offline and digital tools. 


Given Fiserv, was an unknown brand in the UK, a variety of offline methods were employed to engage the key industry influencers and potential B2B clients including a large launch event at the Tower of London.

On top of traditional outreach and teaser activity, a layer of digital activity was created in order to fuel, amplify and compliment the launch. 

Using social data analysis techniques the team identified key online influencers in relation to their potential clients or their ability to shape the news agenda as respected commentators.  Lansons then looked at the key issues they were discussing and identified the platforms, people and themes which were most relevant to Fiserv’s offering and business objectives. 




Lansons came up with a variety of content and tactics to engage with the targets and advised on the best channel through which to deliver messages. For example, an infographic focusing on the history and progression of the of the banking industry was produced to drive initial interest and a sense of  buzz around the event. We knew this was an area of interest to key influencers and linked nicely into the future of banking discussions (which Fiserv want to be associated with) and used it as a vehicle for inviting some of the key influencers to the event itself.

Lansons also made use of well-known stakeholders and partners of the business by offering Twitter Q and As and the chance to interview the likes of Anthony Thomson if they attended in person. To drive in-event conversations and build some long term value, video content, debates and imagery was released from the start of the event and for a 2-week follow up period.


The outreach campaign enabled us to attract a number of very influential online industry commentators to event. This not only drove significant pre-event buzz within relevant environment but also enabled us to reach a far wider B2B audience by encouraging tweets and live interaction from these individuals at the event itself.  

Lansons then encouraged these individual to help create and share even more content on the night and beyond. This included photographs, video interviews, live Twitter debates and so on – all of which gave the event night buzz a long tail and enabled Fiserv to really make its mark in the digital environments that mattered to their business.





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