Amigo Loans -

A true alternative

A true alternative


The central challenge of the integrated PR / PA programme is to differentiate Amigo Loans from other lenders in the alternative sector and in particular payday loans.


While Amigo Loans has a strong proposition as the leading guarantor lender in the alternative loans sector, this wasn’t enough to differentiate it and completely separate it from all the negative commentary around payday loans.

Therefore we advised that as a brand it needed to adopt a campaigning stance against those payday lenders that dominate the market and to position it as a “true alternative” to both payday lenders and the banks that are turning down both individuals and micro- business.


Therefore we devised a positioning strategy and set of messages that reflected this position in the market

In addition a series of campaigns were devised that supported these messages targeting the personal finance press that cover this sector –

these highlighted the bad practices of payday lenders and positioned Amigo Loans as a true alternative, the industry champion.

A public affairs programme was also put in place to influence stakeholders and drive advocacy. 


The campaign has worked towards shifting the perception of Amigo Loans as a “true alternative” – with 92% of coverage positive in 2013.

The business is going from strength to strength with a 29% increase in new customers in 2013 vs 2012.


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