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We provide clients with true integrated consultancy, where we are able to look at their business from all angles and provide a 360 degree perspective

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The unique depth and breadth of our experience, as consultants and as an agency as a whole, sets us apart. 25 years of consistent growth and development, underpinned by industry-leading staff retention rates, mean that Lansons has a deep knowledge of corporate, consumer and B2B comms.

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Lansons is a full service strategic consultancy, specialising in corporate, media and political communications. We help our clients achieve their objectives by communicating more effectively with customers, investors, employees, policy-makers, regulators and the wider public.

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My week at the Siylab, European Millennials incubator

29 June 2016 BY Beatrice Giribaldi
Friday morning’s seismic decision left most of us dumbfounded and asking ourselves – has this really happened? Feeling shell-shocked by a decision which does not seem to represent our generation....
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Lansons Brexit update

22 June 2016 BY Matt Lowe
  As the final day of official campaigning arrives, polls still show that tomorrow’s referendum will be a ‘neck and neck’ contest. The final Financial Times’ Poll of Polls shows a...
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How to internationalise your thinking

17 June 2016 BY Anna Schirmer
Keeping your eyes and ears open, to see and experience new things that challenge your thinking and your perceptions are key for any consultant. Only by continuously being curious about the things we...
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New Brexit report from Opinium, LSE & Lansons - coverage highlights

13 June 2016 BY Lansons
   It is a huge pleasure to collaborate once again with our friends at Opinium and the London School of Economics. This is a remarkable thorough report, offering a far deeper analysis of...
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How the Brexit verdict fares so far in Lansons SME polls

27 May 2016 BY James Dowling
Anyone looking at the recent polling on the referendum question would be forgiven for suffering a considerable level of uncertainty over whether the UK will vote to stay in or depart the EU on 23...
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The importance of websites and digital content for Asset Managers

26 May 2016 BY Lansons
The Digital World is an every-changing beast and many companies – the asset management industry included – are under scrutiny to develop their websites and digital content for their audiences....
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Lansons and Opinium Brexit study findings feature in The Telegraph

23 May 2016 BY Lansons
Ahead of the EU referendum, Lansons has commissioned Research agency, Opinium, to carry out a number of polls with 500 SME businesses to gain insight into how they think the Brexit result is likely to...
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Lansons Briefing - Queen's Speech 2016: Analysis

19 May 2016 BY Matthew Young
OverviewThe State Opening of Parliament took place at 11.30am this morning, when the Queen took to her throne in the House of Lords to outline the Government's proposed legislative programme for the...
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Head of public policy James Dowling comments on the impact of Brexit on SME businesses in The Telegraph

13 May 2016 BY Lansons
The Telegraph's recent coverage of Vince Cable and Chuka Umunna and their campaign for the UK to stay in the EU, featured commentary from head of public policy, James Dowling. It also took...
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Who has the best view in PR?

13 May 2016 BY Lansons
Scott McKenzie, joint MD and head of change and employee engagement gives an insight into office life at Lansons in this article in PR Moments.“My morning stroll to work involves me walking past...
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Bottom of the cycle or tipping point: where next for hedge funds?

10 May 2016 BY David Masters
“History repeats the old conceits. The glib replies, the same defeats” - Beyond Belief, Elvis CostelloThe volume of negative media around hedge funds in the mainstream press seems to have turned...
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Comms pros are the bridge between the boardroom and rest of the workforce

10 May 2016 BY Lansons
 Check out Scott McKenzie's - joint managing director and head of change and employee engagement at Lansons, feature in PR Week, which discusses the importance of communicating boardroom...
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Sun, sea, and BrightonSEO: five simple considerations for financial services

10 May 2016 BY Michael White
Brighton offers more than a pier and lively nightlife, it’s also home to the biggest Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) conference in the UK called BrightonSEO. Over 1,700 people attend the...
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Lansons is ranked 25 in PRWeek Top 150 UK Consultancies 2016

6 May 2016 BY Lansons
We are proud to announce that Lansons has risen one place to 25 in PRWeek Top 150 UK consultancies ranking.The PRWeek Top 150 rankings provide key insights into the status of the PR sector in the UK....
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